MaxSignatures Use Cases

Countless documents in your everyday business transactions require signatures. Here are some examples of documents that can be signed with MaxSignatures:

Executive Management and Board Documents:

  • Board Actions, Corporate Communications and Public Reports, Investor Relations, SEC Documents

Healthcare Documents:

  • HIPAA Patient and Consent Forms, Medical Records, Discharge Instructions, Advance Directives, Administrative Requests, Patient Orders, Medical Records, Medicare Certifications, Prescriptions, Lab Reports, Clinical Evaluations, Clinical Orders, PT Evaluations, Home Healthcare Face-to-Face Encounter Certifications, Referral Documents, Care Coordination Documents, Communications between Physicians, Patients and Business Associates

HR Documents:

  • Employee Actions, Employee Benefit Changes, Employee On-Boarding Documents, Employee Time Sheets, Employee Training Acknowledgements, Periodic Forms, Performance Reviews, Insurance Claims

Legal Documents:

  • Contracts, Agreements, Work orders, Master Service Agreement Forms, and Sub-contractor Agreements

Finance and Accounting Documents:

  • Lease Agreements, Loan Agreements, Expense Reports & Reimbursement Approvals, Invoices, Tax Filings, Financial Spreadsheets (Data Collection and Aggregation), Disbursements (Check, Wire Transfer Orders and ACH Transactions), Journal Entries related to Accounting and General Ledger, Purchase Requests, Gift Records

Customer Service Documents:

  • Customer Service Change Orders
  • Procurement Documents
  • Purchase Orders, Contracts with Subcontractors

Sales Documents:

  • Sale Proposals, Point of Sale/Service, Contracts with clients
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Applications, Submissions, etc.
  • Quality Control
  • QC Documents, Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Work Instructions, Training Documents, Test Procedures
  • Service, Maintenance and Calibrations Reports

Other Industry Specific Documents:

  • Designs, Drawings, Plans, Manufacturing Instructions and Reports