Secure Communications With SendAnywhere™ Encryption

SendAnywhere™ Encryption


Firewall Protection

  • Encrypted Email Communication
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Dynamic Technology
  • Accessible from computers, smart phones & tablets
  • Zero workflow disruption on integration
  • Increased Efficiency and ROI

In today’s world, common practice for sending confidential messages is a portal solution that securely sends messages inside a firewalled inbox, or through a traditional courier. SendAnywhere™ Encryption enables you to send documents as an encrypted attachment to any email address. With SendAnywhere™ Encryption your email recipients do not need special software or hardware to open the message. Simply provide a one-time password for them to access the message.


The SendAnywhere™ solution offers an uncompromised security difference. Unlike a portal solution, messages are not stored behind a firewall that can be at risk in the event of a security breach. Our encrypted email trumps the security and convenience of traditional postal services. Overnight and expedited business mail from the likes of Fedex and DHL wastes valuable time and money. SendAnywhere™ Encryption, in combination with MaxSignatures, offers an immediate ROI. The average breakeven is less than the cost of shipping a one page document.


Advanced spam and virus filtering ensures that your secure email is given highest priority. SendAnywhere™ Encryption filters 93 percent of spam email. Now you can more easily and more economically send your sensitive documents electronically.


MaxSignatures, in conjunction with SendAnywhere™ Encryption, allows you to add another level of security and standards to your business practices. Send your sensitive documents for signature securely with a SendAnywhere™ account. Call us today for a seamless integration.