Security Difference

Document Integrity Assured with Advanced PKI Technology
MaxSignatures was designed around the concepts of easy work flow integration, strong signer authentication and unalterable document integrity. With PKI technology your document is turned into a message digest which accounts for every bit and byte of the message. Your signature and a certificate becomes embedded into the message digest as an integral part of the document. Your signature is secure in its UNALTERABLE form. With MaxSignatures™ superior technology your signature will immediately be invalidated if any part of the document is altered, modified, tampered with or edited.


MaxSignatures meets the most stringent industry and technical requirements available. We offer the most comprehensive and unique configuration available in one product suite. Only MaxSignatures offers a secure digital signature solution coupled with SendAnywhere™ Encryption email. Capture secure signatures and compose messages to any email address with the most advanced encryption technology. Upgrade your signatures account with SendAnywhere™ Encryption email to receive the benefits of secure communications.


MaxSignatures and PKI Technology


Max Signatures utilizes advanced PKI technology to validate the signer’s digital signature. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the basis for the digital signature today. PKI provides each user with a pair of keys, a Private Key and a Public Key, used in every signed transaction. The Private Key, as the name implies, is not shared and is used only by the signer to electronically sign documents. The Public Key is openly available and used by those that need to validate the signer’s electronic signature. PKI encompasses different components that include a Certificate Authority (CA), end-user enrollment software, and tools for managing, renewing, and revoking keys and certificates.